Physicla Job Fair Vs Virtual Job Fair

Physical Job Fair Events

A Physical event is where Candidates & Employers meet up face-to-face and exchange information & Documents in person. It usually comprises a big gathering indoor or Outdoor where Candidates & Employers conduct the interview with shortlisting applicants.

Virtual Job Fair Events

A Virtual event is where Candidates & Employers meet over the chat and video conference. Exchange the information and discuss the role and profiles. Real-time online assessments or assignments through digital tools.

Hybrid is the combination of physical and virtual events, hybrid events are most popular among the employers, not only because of COVID but as per the data, the hybrid is the best option to opt by the employers. Still, this depends on the needs of the organizations.

Here are some of the important facts.

The higher number of attendees at One Place

A virtual platform enables you to gather the best talent across the world. Where physical events can only happen within the geographic area. Travelling and expenses are the major barriers for the attendee to attend the events.

Investment and Lower Expenses

Virtual platforms are used as SaaS products where the new virtual platforms are called SaaS(unified Communication as a Service). SaaS provides an end-to-end experience like physical events. You can save a huge amount of travelling and manpower time and cost. Whereas physical event planning takes much more time with huge cost on hosting the event.

Event Scale

Scaling in terms of attendees is very difficult in the physical event, organizers have to plan the hosting place based on the number of attendees. Managing a Higher Number of the audience is not an easy task. Whereas in the virtual event management and engagement with the Higher Number of the audience is easy and fast. The scale is the only technical dependency.

Audience Engagement

It’s common in the physical event to engage with every audience, and most of the attendees turn out with a negative impact. Where in the virtual you have the technology to engage the audience and connect with each based on the needs.

Analytics and data

We mostly talk about the success of the event based on the few data, because in the physical events, it’s difficult to measure. Whereas in the virtual event, you can track each and every attendee, engaged based on the attendee needs, data enables you with the real-time so within the event time you can take the critical decision to make it successful.

Get ready for Virtual

So are you ready to host the virtual event, if yes make your checklist and host the virtual event with the awesome experience to your audience? Not only does it save time and cost but your mental stress.

Here is the checklist

Define your event Strategy
Select your Event Date
Select the best virtual event platform
Start Promoting your Event
Select the right members for the event
Brand your organization based on the audience
Decide the matrix before, during and post-event to collect.
Test run the platform before the event date with the assigned members
Draft the good communication content to engage the audience pre, during, and post the event
Get valuable feedback from the audience

Hope this article helps you to understand the advantage of virtual events over physical.


From The Fairvi Virtual Platform