How to choose right platform for virtual event

For so many organizations, organizing or hosting virtual events is something they are well versed with and is thus, easy for them to accommodate. But, nobody can deny the fact that the percentage of such organizations who are experienced with virtual events is really less, as less as 20%. A big 80% is still unaware of what it take to professionally organize a virtual event and how is it supposed to be done.

Given to the pandemic, what other options are you left with? In fact, it is not even about the pandemic. If you look at the benefits of hosting a virtual event, you would realize that this is something organizations should have gotten into way before it became the only option. If you are an Human Resource Manager or come from an organization which is either planning a virtual event or is confused whether virtual events are something for you to host or not or you are not able to decide if it would be beneficial for you to organize a virtual event, you might want to read ________________ giving you an insight into what all can be the unprecedented benefits of hosting a virtual events.

Once you have understood the whole game about why hosting a virtual event is a viable and fruitful option for you and your organization, the next question that arises is about the platform you should choose to host your virtual event.

Based on the recent ‘Hows, Whys and Whens’ of hosting a virtual event, following are the things that you should keep in track while choosing a platform to host a virtual event.

1. Customization

This is one really important factor that one must keep in account while finalizing the platform to go for hosting a virtual event. You don’t want to host an event which doesn’t suit your requirements and makes you only settle for what the platform has to offer. Look for a wide choice around the Industry and go through the ones that provide you customization suiting the kind of reach, audiences, results and collaborations that you are looking forward to.

2. Space for Interaction

With the advancement in what technology can do for you and your virtual event, there is so much that you can have your hands on that it would be a foolish choice to settle for anything less than the best. There are options like welcome lounge, waiting spaces, one-on-one discussion rooms etc. which make interaction way easier than you can imagine in a virtual event. You can opt for virtual exhibitions, keynote, panel discussion etc. which would enhance the experience of a virtual event.

3. Live and semi-live options

Live option is one such thing which everyone is acquainted with, but there is something new that the virtual event platforms have come up with which is semi-live. In a semi-live session, the host has an option of delivering pre-recorded sessions which would elevate the experience of reusability features of virtual events. It is extremely important that the platform you opt for in order to host your virtual event provides you the facility to playback the recorded sessions as well. That way, you can make the most out of the event and your availability as a brand would be 24*7 for 365 days a year.

4. Audience Engagement Tools

It is undeniably true that while virtual events have ample of benefits, they do come with a drawback of being vulnerable to distractions more than a traditional event. Your audiences can fall prey to multiple distractions making failure of the event very much a possibility. But, it is not that you can’t the flop game. If you choose the right platform to host your virtual event, you will have a variety of engagement tools like Q&As, live polling, social sharing, quizzes and surveys which would keep your audiences engaged and would then turn your virtual event into a hit.

Now, you see what a good platform can do to your virtual event?

5. Branding:

A good virtual event hosting platform would be a great way to boost the branding. With options like interactive booths, banners, standees, and display screens, it is convenient to feature the brand all around on the virtual and thus, your virtual event would have better chances of being successful. If you begin right, there are better chances of closing the event right. Therefore, you must look for the branding options that the platform provides before you finalize the same.

6. Analytics:

Report of attendees, response records, activity tracking etc. are some features out of a number of them which are offered by various virtual event hosting platforms. These features can keep a record of your event making it easier for you to improve and elevate it the next time and to narrow down the targets for the future.

A rather useful thing, right?

6. Security:


Like they say,

“You have to find a solution for the weeds when you sow a seed.”

Similar is the situation somewhat while hosting a virtual event. Online hacking is a practice unethically but widely conducted. Attending a huge audience via your virtual event, you must ensure that the platform you choose provides you security. Going for robust security integration, you can let your attendees log-in in a secure manner, sharing sources safely and communicate without any risk. Keeping in mind the impact the decision of hosting a virtual impact can have on your business, you would definitely want to make an informed decision and the above mentioned points are going to ensure the same. Remember,

“A well informed decision is the beginning to a well performed action.”