3 Pillars of Modern Virtual Events

The world is everyday witnessing a new kind of addition to the ‘New normal’. While initially it all started with being at home expecting things getting back to normal in a while, in no time the bubble was broken and everyone realized that it won’t be any soon that mankind will witness a reversal in the mode of working. So much has been the impact of the current situation that the organizations, especially IT sector has given in to distance working full time, and it has been seen that certain big names are even planning to accommodate the module even after things run back to how they used to be pre-pandemic.

Having said that, it won’t be wrong to rather declare that any and every kind of REALITY has changed into VIRTUAL REALITY which is not limited to any specific industry to organization. Certain industries have adapted to the virtual evnets quick while the rest are taking their own good time, but none can escape.

With that said and agreed upon, one of the areas where the transition has been rather fast and extremely fruitful is event organization and handling. In case that gets you scratching your head that how can virtual events happen, you would regret knowing that if you are unaware of this development, you are far behind in the game and you really need to get it going.

Virtual events have made their place real quick and real big over a very limited span of time and have proven to be extremely beneficial for everyone associated, be it the organizers or the parties. Keeping in pace with the need of the hour, virtual events have received the much deserved hype building actively on the 3 PILLARS THAT MAKE THE VIRTUAL EVENTS A POSSIBILITY & A SUCCESS.

The 3Es of Modern Virtual Events are:

1. Experience

Virtual events connect the world at one place at point of time. The connection is nothing less than extraordinary because it is backed by analytics and creates a worldwide platform which is nearly impossible of not this way. Considering the input via video calls, chats and virtual sessions, virtual events create an experience of one of its kind which makes virtual event build up a lucrative option. The experience of sitting right where you are, but being able to roam through the opportunities all around the globe and beyond is the biggest flex that virtual events conduct and is supposed to be carried forward in an even bigger mode in the coming days. From virtual job fairs to virtual career fairs to virtual hosting to providing a virtual platform to any and every event that can be conducted professionally, experiencing the same has and can become a huge boost to how one perceives and pursues and as a result, witnesses the world hereafter. Creating exceptional services like virtual 3D booths, 3D exhibition halls, virtual 3D lounge, special speakers sessions, webinars and so much more brings up the experience of virtual events like never before.

1. Engagement

Virtual events like Virtual hosting, Virtual job fairs and likes provide the world around the globe experience and engagement sitting at one place. Never have the traditional events been able to allow such a huge engagement as the virtual events do. From video conferencing to audio calls to chat to multi-people meetings, all can be done virtually and in fact, the engagement is way higher than what traditional events can or could offer. Speakers, employers, brands – none ever had such a wide reach and engagement as a virtual event platform can provide and thus, reducing the gap between the parties to a near zero. Being virtually connected has strengthened the event industry thereby giving a good hit to all the other industries. Event industry touches other industries in one way or the other and thus, virtual event platform provides a stage to all the organizations round the globe to fetch engagement with the right organizers and the right engagement. Your lost piece could be at any place on the surface of the earth and no longer do you need to run around to fit it, you can rather go virtual and find it via a video call or an audio call and run longer.

1. E-connect

The third and in fact, the strongest pillar of virtual events is E-connect. Virtual events have come up to provide the industries with an opportunity like never before which connects the minds throughout digitally and no more does your search end on the geographical limits of your location.

Where are you located with traditional events?

At a particular place.

Where are you located with virtual events?

Nowhere and yet, everywhere.

The edge of being located everywhere gives you a hand in being e-connected or digitally connected round the clock and thus, removes the barriers. To be connected won’t ever be easier than it is via virtual events, where best in the world is literally at the access of your finger. You tap and you reach the most right minds, the most right information and the most right connections- all this digitally- all this given to the e-connect that is built via virtual events. Brands get to build their digital presence and strengthen their digital aura. If you still haven’t gotten what your digital aura is, you really do need to get your game up like mentioned above. Technical support, digital conferencing, drawing more visitors to your event and thus, getting your brand value up are just few advantages that the brands experience when they connect with the right set via virtual events. Digitized and combined on a single platform, this sure is a big chunk to digest.

Virtual events had always been there in the field but there has been no time better than now to get into the game if you haven’t already and reap the advantages before your brand is left with nothing but the barrens.